Updating healthcare technology

13 Aug

To say that protecting patient records, medical information and the other types of data that healthcare facilities rely on daily is important is something of a dramatic understatement.Many people don’t realize that the type of information a hacker can steal from a healthcare facility is actually more valuable on the black market than even credit card data or social security numbers due to the significantly higher level of damage that can be done as a result.Since 2000, the federal government has invested significantly in new hospitals and centres of excellence.In 2007, 3 of 14 planned new federal medical centers were opened.

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This is a fallacy – the challenge will always be there, so you need to continue to implement new and valuable systems on a regular basis in an attempt not to win over hackers, but to always stay one step ahead of them.

Not sure what else you can do to assure confidentiality and security for your data?

Storage equipment will never last forever – it can become damaged or dysfunctional, leading to the accidental (but no less serious) loss of important data.

Because data is being archived online, this is no longer something that healthcare facilities need to worry about at all.