Romo dating now

13 Oct

Before we move on from the Cowboys quarterbacks, there is someone who knows both Romo’s spot and Romo himself, and that’s Drew Bledsoe.He went through what Romo has in 2001 with the Patriots, and then was usurped by Romo in 2006 in Dallas.So when I told Stephen Jones, the Cowboys’ chief operating officer, I’d heard Romo privately asked for the chance to wrest the job back, Jones acknowledged that with deference.“Tony’s smart,” Jones said from his cellphone, in the middle of his Wednesday workday. And so when he came out and said it, in the end, I don’t think it took him long to figure that wouldn’t be a great thing for the team.Based on how he looked last week and in camp, sure. This is the most depth we’ve ever had on a football team in the cap era.There’s a belief internally that he could juice the downfield passing game, and the institutional knowledge of his 14 NFL seasons would help open up the team’s game-planning and make the offense more dangerous on third down and in the red zone. Every guy here believes it, and it’s been next man up.The magnitude of the call, in fact, was largely why Dallas maintained a cross-that-bridge-when-we-come-to-it approach to the QB-of-the-future question. And it’s not just on the field, it’s off the field too.It’s how he handles every situation—bringing us back down two scores in San Francisco; last week, he leads the game-winning drive twice in Pittsburgh; coming back against Philly.

My sense all along was the exhilaration of an eight-game winning streak was tempered by the increasingly obvious call looming on the horizon.Tony Romo asked for the chance to win back his job from Dak Prescott.Cowboys executive Stephen Jones explains the difficult answer to that question.• DALLAS RULES: The Cowboys sit at the top of Jenny Vrentas’s power rankings—and who can challenge them? Look for the Rams to do all they can to build his confidence early against an aggressive Dolphins front by trying to establish the run game get the No. • Panthers rookie cornerback James Bradberry has shown promise, and his play will be crucial Thursday night against the high-flying Saints.The second-round pick missed Carolina’s first tilt against Drew Brees and Co.