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23 Nov

Text is inputted through the keyboard and presented to the user through the LCD screen.

Though it is considered an outdated device, a TDD/TYY can still be useful in some classroom settings.

TDD/TYY A TDD (telecommunications device for the deaf) is an electronic device that allows the sending and receiving of text communication over a standard telephone line.

Also referred to as a TYY (teletypewriter), a TDD/TYY device consists of a small screen, keyboard and cradle for holding the telephone handset.

They tend to be very expensive, as they require surgery and a great deal of follow up care.

As a result, cochlear implants are usually not recommended for those who have anything less than profound hearing loss.

For those suffering from hearing loss, the following decibel (d B) values refer to the amount of additional sound energy they would need (relative to someone with normal hearing) in order to perceive a given sound: Students with a hearing disability have a number of assistive tools at their disposal.

As long as a student has a smartphone and a data plan, they can take advantage of this technology.

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Hard of Hearing Hard of Hearing is used to describe someone who does not hear well.

The individual may hear and understand verbal communication, but may need the help of an assistive listening device or hearing aid.